Best 20 Private engineering colleges in North India

To be amongst the top 10 engineering colleges is a vision that every engineering college shares, however, a few are able to fulfill this.  There may be many reasons behind this. Let us focus on the few significant ones.

Ordinarily, to be considered among the top 10 engineering colleges, the popular criterion is state-of- the-art infrastructure, experienced and dedicated faculty, industrial tie-ups and international collaborations along with good placements. These parameters, no doubt, still form a great criterion; however, there are certain other small things that cannot be ignored.

To begin with, we all know that students come to a college from diverse backgrounds, with different experiences, different thought processes, and different expectations, some real and some imaginary. However, managing such expectations and aligning them with real world scenario is the job of the college counselors and faculties. Many colleges fail to provide such guidance to the students, and irrespective of their great facilities, they fail to meet the expectations of students.

Besides, when students take admission, they need to understand the course they shall be studying, the learning objectives of the course, the related market, and potential career prospects, along with the possible packages they may expect initially. In most cases, however, such information is considered secondary and insignificant by the colleges, and even students and their guardians fail to understand its relevance at the beginning of the course. Good colleges, nevertheless, provide a platform to convey such information to the students, so students are crystal clear about what they are getting into.

In addition, focus on mere academics may also hamper the overall growth of the students, especially when they come from different environments. Hence sports, extracurricular activities, and cultural events must also constitute a significant and regular feature of the college activities.

At Anand, we understand the minutiae, and hence provide counseling and overall development classes for the students. We want our students to understand their strong points along with their weaknesses, and to work on them. We also not only make them aware of the skills they may require to face the tough market competition, but also teach them theses skills along with providing them the opportunity for summer trainings to be at par with the industry standards.

Besides, Anand has been successfully conducting career fair for its students from the last two years, making sure that the students make the best use of their knowledge, and get the right opportunities. Last. but not the least, the college also conducts various extracurricular activities and promote sports. Tech fest CORONA and Cultural fest ECHOES are an annual feature of the college.

Speaking of Anand, these features are in addition to the already stated popular criterion for the top 10 engineering colleges in Jaipur, or any other city. Hence we can say that Anand has what it takes to be among the top 10 engineering colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan. However, for Anand, there is no pinnacle, as we believe that learning and growing is a lifelong process. So, come and join us in this learning saga.


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