Engineering colleges in Jaipur with best Placement

Ordinarily, good placements feature at the top of the list when we address any reputed engineering college now-a-days. However, all students in a college are not industry-ready, and placing them in distinguished organizations is not a walk in the park. Students come from a range of backgrounds, from different walks of life, and some may not even be aware of how things work out practically in the real world scenario. Additionally, there may be some who may be fairly capable yet apprehensive, and others who may be unaware of the type of questions they may face during an interview, and hence anxious. This is where the need and relevance of the Placement Cell comes in.

Placements, as such, also play a crucial role in a student’s lifetime. Placements generally provide the first stepping stone to the real world experiences for the student. Every student hopes to study from a college that shall provide not merely the requisite know-how and understanding of the respective field of study, but shall also be able to provide apposite guidance, and support the students in landing up the right job after the studies are over. For them, life coaching is as important as their studies.

Moreover, colleges that attract top-notch companies for campus recruitment are reflective of the good performance of the college, and of the quality education they are providing.

In nutshell, we may say that placements contribute significantly to the student’s life as well as to the college standing. However, the crux is to understand what exactly to expect from the best placement engineering college in Jaipur?

The placement cell of Anand International College of Engineering, affiliated with RTU, Kota, and approved by AICTE, is a great example to follow.  The college understands the placement process minutiae, and the level of grooming which students with diverse backgrounds may require along with the current market trends. We, at Anand, know that a college to be tagged as the best placement engineering college requires diligent, industrious and knowledgeable faculty, along with good industrial tie-ups, and global exposure opportunities for the students.

At Anand, we provide the best of faculty, International exposure opportunities, along with reputed industrial tie-ups and a great infrastructure. What more can be expected? Well, we also provide supplementary grooming classes for our students beyond the RTU syllabus so that our students excel in every facet of life. We do not want to leave any stone unturned, and want our students to receive the highest package offered in engineering colleges. We want them to be the best, and to accomplish their dreams, and we also want our college to be featured as the best placement engineering college in Jaipur in the near future.


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