Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges

One of the colleges which has made its mark in the education sector is the AICE. It is the college that is growing at a remarkable pace and walking on the path of success towards the ultimate goal of excellence. The AICE  is one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur. In a short time span of just four years, this college has managed to make a reputation in the list of all the private engineering colleges of Rajasthan. The AICE is now counted among the top B.Tech colleges in Rajasthan.

The stream of mechanical engineering colleges in Jaipur can be considered as one of the safest in choices because it is called as the evergreen branch. It is one of the most old and broadest streams and this is the reason why it is highly preferred by the aspiring engineers. In this branch the concepts of engineering and physics are applied and practical applications of the same are done. The entire branch basically deals with all sorts of machinery and hardware systems along with their proper working and functioning. It is all about designing the machines, planning and manufacturing them and dealing with their proper functioning and operations.

The demand for the mechanical engineers is high in India as well as abroad and the engineering graduates are offered packages starting from 5 LPA. One can opt for this branch after obtaining one’s 10-2 SSE degree with minimum of 45% and clearing the engineering entrance examinations. It can be rest assured that it is one of the best branches in the industry with a sure guarantee of a job along with obtaining a decent package easily.

Tags: best civil engineering colleges in Jaipur

Campus Address:  Near Kanota, Agra Road, Jaipur

Phone:  9928755552, 9928755553


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