One of the Top engineering colleges in North India

To be listed amongst the top 10 engineering colleges is a dream of every engineering college that has a vision to provide the best of education to its students so that they excel in all aspects of their life. However, to be listed amongst the top 10 engineering colleges in Jaipur, the pre-requisites like top-class infrastructure, experienced & dedicated faculty, good placement record, International collaborations and industrial tie-ups along with a conducive environment for learning and innovation are must. In nutshell, ‘ordinary’ has to be completely ruled out for something ‘extraordinary’.

Fortunately, eminent visionaries of Anand College made sure that college makes a real difference to the world of technical education right from its day of inception and gets counted in the ‘extraordinary’. The college is dedicated to the quest for holistic education and offers a comprehensive exposure of academic and pragmatic learning to its students. The college is spread over 23 acres of lush green land and has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, with a top notch faculty and a great teaching-learning environment.

Anand College offers specializations in five fields of engineering with outstanding teaching practices and encourages International & National Conferences & Seminars along with offering global exposure to the meritorious students through opportunities of Summer Training & Master’s degree abroad.  At Anand College, we want our students to be the best and therefore, we focus on the overall development of the students to give them a competitive edge so that they are placed in the best of the organizations.

The College is putting all our efforts towards becoming one of the top 10 private engineering colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We sincerely believe in the words of Swami Vivekanand,

“Arise, Awake and Stop Not till the Goal is reached.”


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