Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering deals in design production, & quality assurance in the industry.  In Mechanical Engineering, the principles of energy, materials and mechanics are utilized to design & manufacture machines & systems of all types.  Besides working on these aspects, the branch also deals with testing new systems for feasibility & improvement. Automobile, Aerospace, Chemical, Construction, Defense, Electronics, FMCG, marine, materials and metals, Railway, Pharmaceuticals industries are some of the areas where mechanical engineers are required.

At AICE, we believe in striving for the best. We provide modern labs with latest equipments along with workshop trainings, so our students are ready to face the real world with confidence. We, at Anand College want to be one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Jaipur and in Rajasthan. In a short span of six years, Anand College is already being counted among the top mechanical engineering colleges in Jaipur, The capital City of Rajasthan.

Mechanical Engineering Admission Contact Details

Address: Near Kanota, Agra Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303012

Phone:01429 234 994 , Web Site :


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