B.Tech Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is considered as the largest and most sought after field of engineering. It is concerned with  planning, designing, building and maintenance of various kinds of structures that surround us like buildings, transport networks, energy and water supplies.

AICE understands that in the current market scenario, the demand for experts in this field, is rising and the college is thus making continuous efforts towards matching the standards of the best civil engineering colleges in Jaipur, nationally and internationally.

Anand college provides modern equipments, well-resourced labs, experienced faculty, excellent infrastructure and ensures students are exposed to the latest software used in the industry.  Field exercises and visits to construction sites for practical understanding are a regular feature.

The college ensures that while teaching the subject, a right balance is maintained between industry requirements and the academic thoroughness. For this, the syllabus of the best civil engineering colleges in Jaipur and beyond is considered on regular basis and the best practices are adopted by the college.

Civil Engineering Admission Contact Details

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Phone:01429 234 994 , Web Site : www.anandice.ac.in