How to choose best private engineering colleges in Rajasthan

Jaipur, as a city, has seen a lot of development in the recent years and has evolved as a nub for some esteemed educational institutes, attracting aspirants from various places. However, choosing the right college or university is still an enigma and largely remains a subjective matter.  Imagine if your son or daughter wants to study engineering what would be your criterion for choosing the best engineering college?

Typically, as parents, the first concern would be security and the distance from the location of the residence. Furthermore, what others are choosing also forms a reasonable basis for selection. Ultimately, what finally comes out is a blend of subjective and objective choices. The kind of exposure the student shall get or consideration of overall development stands at the lower rung on the selection criterion bar.

So what should be the right approach to choose the best private engineering colleges in Jaipur, or in any other city? University rankings may be one criterion, the awards or recognitions a University gets may be yet another criterion, but what matters most are few parameters that we believe can make a real difference while choosing.

We feel placements should be one of the top criteria for choosing the engineering college. Top placements in engineering colleges are a vital statistics that cannot be overlooked. Well-placed students are representative of the quality education they have received and their market preparedness. Likewise, experienced, scholarly and reputed faculty is yet another vital yardstick as erudite faculties provide a good teaching learning environment along with promoting a culture of innovation and creativity.

Similarly, International collaborations & tie-ups with foreign universities & industries reserves an imperative place considering that the world has become a global village and apathy from the advanced technological innovations or indifference towards other cultures can serve as a major impediment to the learning process.

Infrastructure comes next. To be at par with the national and international standards, the college should ideally have State-of-The-Art Laboratories, Wi-Fi enabled campus, world-class sports facilities, well-resourced library, good transport system and well maintained buildings. In addition, the college should aspire for holistic professional and personal development of the students and should provide opportunities for overall skill enhancement focusing on communication skills, soft skills, industrial skills and analytical & reasoning skills.

These are a few criterion which we believe goes in the making of the best private engineering colleges in Jaipur, or in any other city, for that matter.  It is an honor to inform you that our college, AICE affiliated with RTU and approved by AICTE, fares well on all the above standards and are an excellent place for those who wish to study engineering.

However, we want you to look around, to analyze meticulously and warily before choosing any college because quality education can make a big difference to your life. Elizabeth Warren rightly stated that, “A good education is a foundation for a better future.”


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